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Things to Knit

I have another week where I’m not supposed to put any weight on my foot. I ignored the doctor’s directions over the weekend while my family was in town only to realize that maybe those extra years of schooling have given them some knowledge I should be heeding. So I’m elevating and icing and putting no weight on it at all (Megs, be proud of me) despite the fact that my house is a mess (stupid Easter basket grass goes everywhere!!) and I’m going a little crazy because I feel completely useless.

To help with the crazies, I’ve been working on my mom’s sweater. And working on it, and working on it, and working on it. This collar is taking forever and I haven’t even started the sleeves yet. I love how it’s turning out but any long project like this has me dreaming up other things to knit.


Color Block Bias Wrap | Bright Stripes Beanie | Blackberry Street no.1

Stjärna | Diagonal Pinstripe Scarf | Father & Son Knit Ties

Trellis Scarf | Rachel’s Table Runner | Waffel Hat

Books and knitting patterns – there will never be enough time to enjoy all the ones I like.

Slam Poets Rock My Socks

Here are 3 different poems by 2 different poets. (I’ve had lots of empty time.)

(warning: single use of the f* word)

The first two make this momma stand up and say “hear, hear”.


Well, I tried to avoid stepping on my dog who was lying on the stairs and somehow managed to end up in the ER. Broke a bone in my ankle and made a mess of a tendon so I’ll be sitting on the couch with my foot elevated and iced for awhile. Help a klutzy girl out and recommend some movies/shows/Netflix binge watching experiences? So far I’ve enjoyed Gone with the Wind, Harry Potter 1&2, the most recent two episodes of Game of Thrones (Oh, my WORD!!!), and The Sound of Music. The amount of television I have watched is annoying to even myself BUT there really isn’t much I can do. I have the attention span of a gnat.

Also…ice baths. I’ve always just wrapped a plastic bag of ice in a towel before BUT Jess made me a cold water/ice bucket to submerse my hurt foot in. It’s like heaven. Once you get over the piercing-needle cold. It helps with the swelling and I can usually go an extra hour or so without pain medicine. (I don’t like taking pain medicine – it makes me feel funny and sleepy and gives me bad dreams.) I don’t know if that would be doctor recommended – but it’s heavenly.

Okay. Really, that’s all. Recommendations. Please.

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